Development of solutions to reduce crime and better connect high frequency offenders to all the services available in the Public Safety Continuum.

In January 2017, the Long Beach Innovation Team (i-team) began its second priority in Public Safety. With a focus on supporting the Long Beach Police Department, the i-team will research the deployment of resources on data-driven policing, community policing, education, and outreach.


The primary objective of this effort is to better understand the experience of high-frequency offenders that interact with the Public Safety Continuum. The targeted outputs will inform the development of solutions to reduce crime and better connect high-frequency offenders to all the services available in the Public Safety Continuum. The Continuum includes police, fire, and all other services that contribute to make Long Beach a better and safer city. The City also reaches out to, and works extensively with, community partners, including neighborhood organizations, nonprofits, and other government agencies.


The Police Department uses data-driven approaches to strategically deploy resources and maximize enforcement efforts.  We will work with the Police Department to identify additional methods to cultivate partnerships with other City departments and community members through Safe Long Beach, the City's Violence Prevention Plan. The i-team will help increase accountability and trust with the community, creating a stronger and more integrated 21st Century Police Force.



Data Sharing Agreement, which is a set of established policies and procedures regarding data-sharing among the City’s Departments. The agreement will enable City-based providers to access needed information to better serve residents who frequently interact with the justice system.


CSULB Rising Scholars Education Lab


CSULB Rising Scholars Education Lab, an innovative program launched by formally incarcerated students who believe that higher education is key to successfully diverting individuals out of the criminal justice system and toward a better path. The Education Lab will better empower individuals to navigate higher education through peer support.



Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT), which will convene City and County service providers to better coordinate and reduce the burden on individuals accessing and navigating services such as mental health, substance abuse, and homeless services.



A partnership between the Police Department and The Guidance Center, which will provide a mental health professional in the jail who will assess, connect, and divert individuals to care.



Data Warehouse, part of the City’s Data Driven Justice Initiative (DDJ), which will bring multiple data-sets together to cross-check information about Police, Health, Fire, City Prosecutor’s Office, and other departments to help coordinate much-needed wraparound services for residents.

Long Beach GUIDES


Long Beach GUIDES (Government User Integrated Diversion Enhancement System), led by City Prosecutor Doug Haubert, which will equip first responders with needed information to quickly identify what services are most appropriate for residents in need.